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DSC00093DSC00096DSC00098DSC00100I don’t know about you guys but I cannot resist a splurge on beauty goods, especially when there’re freebies involved. I’ve been a busy bunny lately and thought it was about time I treated myself, and what better way to do that than to buy cosmetics. Over autumn/winter I was desperate for the Morphe 35O palette but to my disappointment it was sold out everywhere, except websites that charged extortionate prices for it. Sadly I gave up and settled for what I already had. To my surprise I came across the palette while perusing g the beauty bay website (squeals). Let’s just say I am not disappointed with this palette, it’s everything’s I expected. Beautiful selections of matte and shimmer shades with excellent pigmentation, you can’t go wrong fort he price.

What better to go with the palette than some new brushes. The morphe B70 eyeshadow brush is my new favourite for packing on the colour onto my lid, also good for a bit of blending. I bought my first makeup geeks brush and I’m not disappointed, it fits perfectly to my eye and blends my outer crease flawlessly.

I was in need of a new beauty blender which is a new found love of mine. I don’t know why it took me so long to purchase one, but I’m in love. This is the first Morphe beauty blender I’ve purchased and I’m very impressed. My foundations and concealer go on so much smoother and I seem to use less product. I thought I’d give a silicone applicator a go. I opted for a Violet Voss Cosmetics one, but I’m not sure how I feel about it. Maybe it’s too much change with recently changing from a brush to a beauty blender…who knows. I’ll continue to use it and see how it goes.

I spent over £50 so I got a few freebies chucked in. Firstly I received a Anastasia Beverly Hills clear brow gel (I was in need of one as well). My eyebrows are always all over the place and this brow gel has helped keep control of their wild ways. I received two cleansers, Mario Badescu enzyme cleanser and an oil cleanser by blenderclenaser. I haven the used these yet but I’m excited to try them. I received another blendercleanser product, a bar of soap for cleaning brush and blenders. I’ve only ever used liquid soap to clean my brushes so this product should interesting. The last item I received was a Verso night cream. My skin took a disliking to the cream, so for the sake of my skin I shall not be using it again.

Morphe 35O Color Natural Glow Palette

Morphe B70 Oval Shadow Blender Brush

Makeup Geek Outer V Brush

Morphe Flawless Beauty Sponge

Violet Voss Perfect Weapon Applicator Weapon






4 thoughts on “Beauty Bay Buys

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  1. Congrats on your first blog post
    Really enjoyed it!!
    I was looking for that palette for Christmas and couldn’t get it anywhere except America
    Could you put links in for the products please?
    Good luck with your future blogs


    1. Thank you, I’m really glad you enjoyed my first blog. There are many more to come so stay tuned. I’ve now added the links for the products I purchased. Thank you again for your support.


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